“We like it, we love it, we want more of it!” Winter 2015/16 Volume 3 Issue 1

Summer program highlights

Summer 2015 truly pulsated with energy.  It screamed with the type of excitement that makes Camp Wise so unique.  From swimming across the Ohalim Rec first session, to sling-shoting water balloons second session, the summer was full of hilarious moments!  Camp Wise Whip and NaeNaed our way across the summer months.  There were UFO sightings, gnomes gone missing, and a Sheriff named Eugene to solve these mysteries!  Fast Food was the Maccabiah that 2015 never saw, but Harry Potter came for a visit first session, and Camp Wise turned into a Jungle during Maccabiah second session!  Now, months after the last “Have You Got that Spirit” shook the Chadar’s foundation, the last GaGa victor had been declared, and the Ohalim tent flaps had been lowered for the last time, you can still feel the magic that happened at 13164 Taylor Wells Road!  We hope that magic helps keep you warm and happy for the winter months to come, and can’t wait to see you for Summer 2016!


Chalutzimers Adam Neides and  Jordan Trostler enjoy the lake
Chalutzimers Adam Neides and Jordan Trostler enjoy the lake

Chalutzim campers may be short in stature, but never in spirit!  Chalutzimers we’re always cheering at meals—whether it be about eggs, bagels and lox, or of course Brian and Kari.  With the village of Chalutzim situated in the middle of camp it’s easy to walk by and get in on a good game of Gaga, or join in on a funny conversation!  First session had a great time at Willy Wonka night, and second session went NUTS with the UK and USA.  Plus, who can forget trips to Pioneer Water Land, overnights with Teva staff, and plenty of fun at pool!  Chalutzim—2015 is a summer we’ll always remember.



Ohalim was truly a force of nature this past summer.  From all-village campfires with singing and stories, to some of the craziest late-night pranks, Ohalim was definitely the place to be!  Who can forget Spork Night first session–we know Noar won’t! Second session had a whole series of ridiculous programs that Ohalim cheered about at every meal.  Each night

Gillian Rezepka and Sophia Madden ride horses during an Ohalim Chug
Gillian Rezepka and Sophia Madden ride horses during an Ohalim Chug

just added onto the previous night’s cheer like, “Shark, Wauwatosa Sheboygan TREE night!”  Ohalim had tons of fun at Wildwater Kingdom, and was the life of the party when it came to Maccabiah.  Ohalim, it’s in-tents, and we’ll take it that way any day!



Noar was quite the place to be this summer!  Matt and Izzy got married, a Door Hinge tree grew down by the lower courts, and there was plenty of time spent around campfires.  Noar had the most free choice in camp, and took advantage of all camp had to offer—especially the ample room to play cards!  But camp wasn’t enough room for Noar.  The eighth grade hit the road and ventured down to Ohio University for rappelling, hiking, and kayaking.  The ninth grade drove even further south to make it to West Virginia, where they enjoyed some of the best whitewater rafting the country has to offer!  It was a great year to be in Noar, and the bar has been set for summers to come!

Noar boys enjoying some village time
Second Session Noar Boys enjoying village time


Solel—the peak of the Camp Wise summer experience!  From trips to Detroit to live our Jewish core value of Tikun Olam, to trips to the Carolinas to raft, zip, and play—you all really lived it up this year!  Solel

Solel campers on the Solel deck
Solel Campers hanging out on the Solel Deck

set the positive energy for the rest of camp both sessions.  Their crazy antics were only matched by their boisterous attitudes!  From late-night pool jumps, to moving all-camp campfires, Solel 2015 started some traditions that will last.  We’re sure Solel campers memories of this summer will last a lifetime.