“Take It Home and Share It With A Friend” Summer 2015 / Volume 2 Issue 13

In a few short days camp will be over and campers and staff will load buses, vans, and planes to make their way home. Home? Isn’t that where we are now? For so many, CW has become their second home. Some have known this for years, while others are finding this out for the first time. Campers and _DSF9815staff utter the same phrase each year, “Why does a day at camp feels like a week and a week at camp feels like a day. Can’t I hold onto this a little longer?” This summer it felt like there were days that would never end and we could just enjoy each others company forever. Then, at the snap of my fingers the week is over and we can’t believe 7 days have flown by. But here we are, 20 days later (47 days for some) and we’re getting ready to say our goodbyes. As we wind down our last few days at camp all I can do is smile. Emotions are heavy and we see lots of laughter, lots of cheering, lots of singing, and tons of special moments planned by the staff. This summer was filled with amazing friendships and incredible memories. Enjoy it, let it sink in. Remember all the wonderful programs you participated in and all the caring staff who made sure you had the best summer of your life. Even though it will be hard to say goodbye on Sunday morning, we know our next hello will be special!

DSC_0089Each camper will have their own story to tell and that is what’s so unique about camp. As we wind down for the summer I have noticed new friendships pop up and old friendships grow stronger. I’ve seen fears defeated and goals accomplished. There have been campers who have become leaders and helped others. They have left an impression on each other, but most importantly, they have left an impression on camp. An impression that has left its mark on our community making this place our home away from home.

In a few days, you child will no longer be surrounded by a cabin of friends, but will be back at home. Just as many of them were homesick the first few days of camp, some will be camp sick the first few days back at home. I encourage you to ask them questions about their experience this summer. I do DSC_0121want to encourage you to find out about your child’s camp experience. It will allow you to peek into the world of camp and gets your child to reminisce about their experiences. Please don’t settle for the answers I used to give to my parents – “We did stuff” or “You wouldn’t understand.” These are answers you shouldn’t accept, but if you don’t ask the right questions these might be all the answers you get. Ask them what their favorite chug was or evening program. Instead of asking if they liked their counselors, ask them what made their counselors so special. Talk to them about their cabin mates, the good and the bad. See if they made a new friend and suggest to them to stay in contact with them throughout the year. It will help them remember all the good times and get them back into the swing of things at home. Get them to share with you their summer highlight reel. It’ll be worth it!



C1C1- It’s been quite a journey for “C-Once-Upon-A-Time”. From day trip day, to Maccabiah, to our performing arts showcases, to both blocks of chugim, these young men made the most of everything that they were a part of this summer. We can’t wait to see how much fun they will have as they venture on to the mighty village of Ohalim in 2016.

C2C2- Between raids, surprise pool parties, and two birthdays in one week, its no wonder that the session flew by so fast for C2. This cabin embraced their roles as the oldest campers of the village, and were leaders in whatever they participated in. Once again, we can’t wait to see what these campers will bring to the table as they transition into Ohalim next summer!

C3C3- After a summer filled with jet skiing, ice cream parties, and s’mores by the fire on our incredible overnight, we’re already counting down the days until next summer! While we’re sad to see C3 leave for the year, we can’t wait to see how they will do as next year’s leaders of the village.

C4C4- If someone were to look at C4 without knowing that they were only here for 11 days, one would think that they were seven week campers. They’re adjustment into camp life was seamless, their spirit and energy went unrivaled, and it’s amazing to think that they were here for such a short period of time. These are now officially a group of camp wise veterans, and we can’t wait to see them back for a full session next year!

C5C5: C5 had a fantastic last week at camp, filled with fun activities such as radio and tie dye from start to finish! They had an absolute blast cheering for their teams at Jungle Maccabiah (color wars) and can’t wait to start prepping for next summer at Camp!

C6C6: The ladies of C6 had a jam packed week, starting with an incredible performance from the tzofim, Israeli scouts! They then got to show off their new moves during Israeli dance cabin activity and had so much fun swinging through the forest during their giant swing cabin activity!

C7C7: C7’s last week at camp was definitely one to remember, especially when they got to cheer each other on during the Camp play! They totally made a splash at the lake during their jet ski cabin activity, and showed off their skills on the courts at tennis!

C8C8: The C8 girls had the best week ever thanks to their strong independent chalutzim girls overnight! After cheering their friends on and even performing in the performing arts showcase, these ladies gave the U.S. Women’s team a run for their money at their soccer cabin activity!


O1O1 – The O1 boys had an amazing time in their last week of camp! They loved their sports activities, from tennis to mountain biking, and enjoyed cheering on their teams at Jungle Maccabiah!

O2O2 – O2 beat the heat to have an absolute blast during the last week of camp! They loved experiencing the arts at camp this week, from drama to dance, and cheering on their friends in the camp play!

O3O3 – O3 had so much fun in this last week of a truly amazing summer at camp. They had a great time jet skiing at the lake, and had the full Wisconsin experience at the Wauwautosa vs. Sheboygan carnival night this week!

O4O4 – O4 made the most of their last week at camp by making it up the climbing tower, shooting some hoops, and visiting the lake. They also loved the craziness of Jungle Maccabiah, where the green gorilla team took first place!

O5O5 – O5 kept up their title of one being of the loudest cabins all the way through the end! They created their own masterpiece tye dye t-shirts at the art shack, rode some horses at the stables, and relaxed in the pool to finish off an amazing summer!

O6O6 – The O6 girls got a very pleasant surprise from their counselors with lunch down at the lake on Wednesday. The girls still love their cabin dance parties and are definitely going to miss their new friends and their counselors when camp ends if just a few short days.

O7O7 – The girls absolutely loved their HBR cabin activity and had an awesome time hanging at the lake with the lake staff for two cabin activities this summer. They’ve had a lot of time at the pool lately with this amazing weather and had enjoyed every second of it.

O8O8 – O8 was extremely excited to be reunited with one of their counselors after missing Sarah for a few days and celebrated with a canteen raid. The girls did an amazing job in tie dye on Thursday and can’t wait to wear them on their way home on Sunday.

O9O9 – The girls loved their vertical playground cabin activity and are definitely going to miss this cabin after the next few days. Wednesday night’s ‘Feelings Circle’ in the cabin was an amazing opportunity to share what camp meant to them.

O10O10 – This week, the girls stargazed with O5, loved their vertical playground cabin activity and carry around their silver plunger with much pride in their clean cabin. The girls have formed some beautiful friendships in the cabin and already know how much they will miss each other when the summer is over.


N1N1—It’s crazy to think that Trip II 2015 has gone by so fast! The N1 boys made the most of their last week, shooting targets during archery and tearing up the trails in mountain biking. N1 got especially into Jungle Maccabiah, where they watched their counselor Aaron lead the blue team as a captain! Nobody in N1 can believe that the session is over, and everyone is sad to be leaving this Sunday.

N2N2—The boys of N2 had a stellar last week of second session. From conquering the high ropes course to tubing at Fairport Harbor, N2 experienced the best of Noar both in and out of camp. N2 had a great summer, and there’s no doubt that everyone will come away feeling closer to camp and to one another. We’re so sad to see them go!

N3N3s energy and ruach in the village of Noar have been a pleasure to watch. These boys always branched out in the village, whether during village time, activities or evening programs. Their maturity and sincerity will be greatly missed!

N4N4 has been so much fun– They are always seen out and about playing cards or playing sports! They’ve really bonded as a cabin, and Noar wouldn’t have been the same without this group’s wonderful and unique set of personalities!

N5N5—Camp really flew by for the girls of N5! Between late night bonding, cabin pranks and raids, and a village wide paint party, N5’s last week was jam packed with awesome activities. It’s been amazing watching N5 grow close this session, and everyone’s wishing they had more time to participate in chugs and hang out in the village. This has truly been a summer the N5 girls won’t forget!

N6N6—The N6 girls can’t believe how quickly second session is coming to an end. The last week has been the best, though, and N6 has taken advantage of everything camp has to offer. The girls played tennis, swam in Lake Erie, and made a plaque that will hang in their cabin for years to come. N6 especially loved Maccabiah, where one of their counselors Hannah was a judge!

N7N7 were always seen laughing and joking around! They were so supportive of each other, especially while cheering for their cabin mates at the performing arts showcase. These girls are truly special and will be missed within the village.

N8Even though N8 came to camp with many close friends, they have managed to make so many new friendships within the rest of the village this summer. They have also been extremely positive role models within Noar, and we can’t wait to see how great they will be in Solel.


SolelAs the final week of camp comes to a close, we look back on Solel Trip II and smile, knowing that we had a summer for the record-books. After a triumphant return from North Carolina, we jumped in the pool to celebrate all our accomplishments! Maccabia came soon after, with our beloved counselor Alex Charing winning as a captain for the Green Gorrilla team. The rest of this week was spent going to chugs, cheering, and preparing for our final hurrah: the Solel Ceremony and Solel Shabbat. A visit from Highbrook Lodge capped off an incredible week, and our campers even got the chance to lead activities for these wonderful participants. We are definitely not looking forward to being home in less than five days, and we will all miss camp dearly. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Peace out 2015, it’s been real.