“Shabbat Preperations that Reflect Our Tradition” Summer 2015 / Volume 2 Issue 10

Shalom Camp Wise!

I am pleased to announce that this week the village of Ohalim is hosting Shabbat.  This week’s Parashat haShavua begins Deuteronomy, the last book of the Torah.   Deuteronomy recounts Moses’ 40 years wandering the desert.  Moses shares his experiences and stories with the new generation of B’nai Yisrael –the generation that will soon cross into the Promised Land with Joshua.  Based upon this Parashat Ohalim chose theme, “The past is the best predictor of the future.”

IMG_1360Camp Wise Jewish educators have had a strong tradition of creating something during the summer that they can leave behind for posterity. Whether it is a “wheel of questions,” a song, a Kiddush cup, or candle holder, educators leave something to give back to the community.  Camp Wise also has a long tradition of promoting camper work, artistic projects, and lasting creative ideas.  This week I have helped the ShabART committee create a beautiful set of Challah covers.  The campers will batik Challah covers so that they can be apart of Camp Wise Judaica for years to come, and hold strong both of these Camp Wise traditions.

DSC_0737As Ohalim continues to work on other committees to help creatively welcome Shabbat, we all continue to get excited to make our way down to the chapel to celebrate the week.  Ohalim campers are looking forward to sharing Shabbat with the Rishon IV campers that have just joined us.  Ohalim is working hard to lead prayers, share creative writings, and encapsulate the meaning of this week’s Parshat haShavua into a short skit Saturday morning.  Already they have started a hilarious countdown to Shabbat during meals, and have been brainstorming songs to sing and dance to in order to celebrate the Sabbath.  We look forward to sharing Shabbat with you through pictures, and can’t wait until you hear all the stories of the way we “do” Shabbat.