“Moments Turn Into Memories” Summer 2015 / Volume 2 Issue 5

Bob Dylan, a favorite musician of mine and a product of Jewish overnight camping, once sang, “Take care of all your memories…for you cannot relive them.” At the beginning of this session many of us were guilty of trying to recreate the 2014 summer. Inside jokes from last year littered the first few days. But somehow those moments didn’t feel genuine. Slowly they faded away for new moments to fill our summer. Dylan was right – we cannot relive 2014 – but we can create new memories.

DSC_0239-2Camp is about moments. Sometimes it feels as though a moment will never end and you are overcome with joy. Other times moments come and go at the blink of an eye and you try to hold onto them as tightly as possible. These are the moments that turn into cherished memories. Nobody will ever remember how many times they played basketball or went to the art shack, but they will remember those moments that made camp an incredible experience.

This week was filled with moments that I know will turn into unforgettable memories. Maybe it was a long (and I mean long) Solel bus ride to North Carolina. It could’ve been a Noar expedition at ACE Adventure or OU Outdoor Pursuits. I know it was a fabulous 4th of July SIT carnival this past Thursday. Perhaps it was an Ohalim raid on the village of Noar. We are still finding sporks stuck in the ground! For Chalutzim it might’ve happened when they became “strong and independent” or experienced a “world of pure imagination” at their themed evening programs.

We still have a week left of camp and I can already see moments popping up all over the place. Dozens of campers will “break a leg” in the all-camp play later in the week. Everyone will be impressed with our talented campers participating in our Performing Arts Showcase. The real treat that all the campers are waiting for is Maccabiah (color war) and trying to figure out what the theme will be this year. These are the obvious moments and there will be so many more that happen naturally.

Your children will come home this summer with a duffle bag filled with memories (and dirty clothes, sorry). Have fun unpacking and listening to the amazing summer your child experienced.

Cabin Photos


C1C1- After an exciting two weeks in Ohalim, our 5th grade boys have moved back into the village and are all settled into their new cabin. C1 has continued to earn special nighttime rewards such as a movie night, and they cannot wait to see what the next “secret” 5th grade activity will be.

C3C3- When a cabin gets excited for cabin cleanup like C3 does, we know that even the most mundane activities of camp are going well and that the summer has been great so far. Their energy during programs such as capture the flag and fort building has been incredible, and everyone is starting to get very excited for our color wars next week.

C4C4- Our second round of Rishon campers couldn’t have arrived at a better time! They’ve gotten to the home of happiness just in time for our 4th of July festivities, and have just personally selected an entire afternoon of chugim. Cabin (C-Something) has adjusted to camp beautifully and we cannot wait for them to experience our all-camp programs that we have in store for them.

C5C5- The new ladies of c5 have had such an incredible first week of camp culminating with an awesome 4th of July carnival! After learning the ins and outs of cw during bunk night, the girls have loved their cabin activities such as HBR, tower, and archery!

C6C6- The c6 falafels have spent their week welcoming their new next door neighbors and getting prepared for solel/chalutzim shabbat! They really showed off their skills during tennis and general sports cabin activities, and had a lovely song session during their cabin guitar lesson!

C7C7- The c7 butterflies have had a very busy week planning and executing some super secret pranks on their staff and other cabins. The girls ran their own radio show this week and got to explore the cw woods during a teva cabin activity!

C8C8- C8 the ladies of c8 took the strong independent chalutzim women by storm during our overnight, where they had the opportunity to share what being a camp wise girl means to them. They had such a fun time making snacks during outdoor cooking, and learned a lot about this week’s Torah portion during a cabin activity with Kyna, our Jewish educator!


O1O1 – The boys of O1 have enjoyed an excellent, if not a little damp, week at camp! They made some delicious food at the Outdoor Cooking cabin activity and had a blast (of color) at last night’s Rainbow Rave!

O2O2 – The mighty cabin of O2 hasn’t let the rain get them down and are having so much fun! O2 took some time to relax at yoga earlier this week before taking part in the traditional food fight of Crazy Go Nuts night!

O3O3 – O3 has braved the mud throughout the village this past week and remain one of the most spirited cabins in camp. They loved their archery cabin activity today, and helped Ohalim prank the traveling village of Noar by putting plastic sporks all over their village on Spork Night!

O4O4 – O4 continues to experience new things and have a fantastic presence in the village. Their busy week has kept their minds off the rain, enjoying jet skiing and tubing at the lake for their cabin activity, and had fun exploring the different stations on Chinese New Year night!

O6O6 – Still wearing their fairy wings that are getting increasingly muddy, as is the rest of the village, O6 are still washing the chocolate sauce out of the hair from an awesome Crazy Go Nuts evening program. The girls are loving their dance and drama cabin activities and the skills they’re learning are overflowing into their cabin life.

O7O7- The O7-Up girls are proving they are louder and more powerful than the rest, making up cheers for their cabin during last night’s Rainbow Rave. Yesterday’s cabin activity brought the vertical playground where the girls supported and cheered each other on around the ropes course.

O8O8- The O8 cabin is the cleanest and shiniest of the village, with their counselors running disinfectant master classes that the girls have embraced with wild enthusiasm. They are all getting closer and closer each passing day and are already lamenting saying goodbye to each other in just a week’s time.

O9O9- The O9 girls have just been (secretly) accepted into the O9 sorority and are all giving and receiving notes and gifts to and from their secret sisters. They also had an incredible time sporking the Noar village while they were on their trip after the legendary Sporktopia evening program. Hey Noar, you go sporked!

O10O10- The girls in O10 are already sadly anticipating CW night in just one short week. Yesterday the girls got to go down to the lake for a jetski cabin activity and had an incredible morning flying around the lake with the lake staff.


N1N1- N1 had an absolutely amazing week three of camp. From mountain biking to yoga to hiking at Hocking Hills, the N1 boys have shown initiative and grown much closer as a cabin. N1 has established an awesome presence in Noar, and every camper is really looking forward to an amazing last week at camp!

N2N2- The campers of N2 got down and dirty this week, playing in the mud during toddler daycare night and food fighting for crazy-go-nuts. Between shooting at the archery range and pickup basketball games at OU, N2 has bonded as a cabin and taken a real leadership role in the village. The N2 boys can’t believe the session has gone by so fast, and they’re all eager to make the most of their last few days.

N3N3- put their sportsmanship to good use in their soccer cabin activity this week! On top of that, these boys took a leadership role in West Virginia when they helped everyone conquer their fear of white water rafting!

N4N4 – Is that Robin Hood or is it N-4!? These boys did amazing in their archery cabin activity this week and ALSO had a blast rafting down the New River in West Virginia!

N5N5- N5 had a stellar third week both in and out of camp. From themed lunches to an amazing overnight, N5 has really stepped up and led by example. The girls even overcame their fears in order to rappel down a giant cliff! N5 has a lot to look forward to over the next week, and everyone is excited for awesome events like maccabiah and the camp play.

N6N6- The girls of N6 love camp and it shows. They took home first prize during invention night this week, and they’ve enjoyed cabin activities from tower to Israeli culture. Between nighttime raids, cabin bonding, and hilarious cheers, N6 has grown closer and become an amazing presence in the village. Like the rest of Noar, N6 can’t wait for the excitement of the end of trip one.

N7N7- N7 was all about Billy Mayes invention night when they came up with nearly 30 ways on how to creatively use a piece of cardboard! On their overnight trip to West Virginia, N-7 had so much fun having out with their fellow 9th grade campers and ridin’ the tides!

N8N8- Nothing united the N-8 Surfboat’s better than decorating their plaque at cabin activity! They also did AMAZING on their West Virginia trip when they took on all the biggest white water rapids with courage and determination!


S1S2S3S4Solel’s third week has been quite an adventure! After a quick stop back at Camp Wise from Detroit for Shabbas, we left on a long journey for North Carolina. White water rafting, duckying, and zip-lining were amazing, and we were very ready to nap on the way home after all these epic experiences! With Solel Shabbat right around the corner, it’s safe to say our last week will be a whirlwind of tears, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime! We have already seen so much Solel magic, and the last week is sure to bring even more!