In The Words of our Campers…

The first year when my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Camp Wise,  I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go.  I had never been to an overnight camp before, so I was kind of nervous. But once I got off the bus at camp I was so excited!

Camp Wise means so much to me, mostly because we get to connect with our Jewish side and play and hang out with people that we usually don’t see.  Also, you get to experience new things that you haven’t done before!  All while making lifelong friends.  Camp Wise is a big part of my summer. Especially because it’s a Jewish community. Some places Jewish people live do not have many other Jews living there. But when you’re at camp, you’re surrounded by other Jews!

When you’re at Camp Wise, you’re ALWAYS happy!  I think that’s because you’re always doing something you love at camp.  Even though sometimes people get homesick, the AMAZING counselors always help you feel good.  In my opinion, if almost every body else is happy, then there is no reason for you to feel bad, so just have some fun!

One of my favorite parts of camp are some of the activities that you do as a cabin or in small groups.  And there are SO many chugs to choose from, you can almost always find one you enjoy!  One of my favorites was drama and set design. Because in drama, you can put on a play for the whole camp! And if you don’t like performing, you can still be part of the play by doing set design! Plus if you like being outdoors, you can choose so many activities that include nature!  Also, you can do sports chugs, which is good news for any people who enjoy sports.  In my opinion, you can always find some fun at Camp Wise!

Adina Hill, 11