Welcome back to the Home of Happiness!

For over 100 years, Camp Wise has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Are you one of them? We hope so. It’s a special place, Camp Wise, and we want you to know you’re still just as important to Wise as Wise is to you.

As Wise alumni, you hold the traditions and memories that make it the wonderful camp we all love. With this in mind, we created an alumni community to give you the chance to reconnect, have a laugh or two, and maybe even come back to camp!

Keeping in Touch

There are many ways to be involved with Camp Wise. Take a look at some of the ways our alumni stay connected to camp.

Start by making sure we have your current contact information in our database.

Click here to register as a Camp Wise alumni

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Listed below are just some of the ways our alumni and friends community stay connected to camp by giving back. There are so many ways to engage with camp- refer campers and staff, volunteer as a camp doctor, or host international staff on their day off.

Ways to get involved

Family Ambassadors

Camp Wise Family Ambassadors serve as key Camp Wise representatives in their communities whether that be the school community, synagogue community, geographic community, or any other. Family Ambassadors recruit potential camp families within their networks and host get-togethers for potential families in their homes.

For their efforts Camp Wise Family Ambassadors:

  • Will receive a $100 “refer-a-friend” incentive for every new camper that attends Camp Wise for a session or a mini-session for their referral.
  • You will receive free Camp Wise gear to rock when you host a get-together!

To learn more about participating in this program, call 216-593-6250, or email wisekids@mandeljcc.org

SIR Program (Specialist In Residence)

Our Specialist-In-Residence program offers you the opportunity to utilize your professional skills to help enhance our summer program. You might want to lead a staff training session, or come to camp to facilitate specialized activities for our campers. We love utilizing our alumni to improve our camp program, contact us today to see how your skill set can be applied at camp this summer.


Here is how your gift can help:

  • A gift of $150 can send a child to camp for 1 day
  • A gift of $500 can provide us with Shabbat (and CW Night) candles for the summer
  • A gift of $750 can provide us with a horse for Horseback Riding chug for the summer
  • A gift of $1,000 can send a child to camp for 1 week
  • A gift of $1,800 helps us certify all of our staff in CPR and First Aid
  • A gift of $4,000 can send a child to camp for a whole session