Fridays with Felber: June 14th, 2019

Dear CW Families,

We have had an incredible first few days of the summer! On the first day of camp I had the opportunity to visit with campers across all villages in camp. A highlight for me was when I stopped by Chalutzim and heard several first-time campers sharing how welcomed and comfortable they felt at camp, after only a few hours! Tuesday evening, we gathered as a camp community with our opening campfire where we had the opportunity to hear from our CW family – including a first-time camper. We shared our thoughts about what makes Wise uniquely special and then closed with a traditional shecheyanu blessing; as we celebrated the first night of a new season at the Home of Happiness. In between cabin activities, free swim, silly evening programs, and dining hall song sessions Solel even had a change to take an adventure out of camp!

This summer, while all of our six core values will be present and a part of our camp program, we will be particularly focusing on B’tzelem Elohim. B’tzelem Elohim is the notion that we all have inherent value because we are all created in the image of God. It is the idea that we rejoice in what unites us and develop and celebrate what makes us unique and special. As we teach more about B’tzelem Elohim, we will work to understand how this idea connects with the new camp statement on inclusion. You can read more about our statement by clicking here. In our practice of B’tzelem Elohim, we will discover the ways in which it influences how we take care of ourselves, the way we treat others, and how we interact with the world.

Each Shabbat we will focus on a different aspect of B’tzelem Elohim. This week as Noar prepared for their Shabbat, they talked about the importance of self-care. They began our first prep session with a compliment battle, where people had to shout compliments at each other until someone runs out of nice things to say. Everyone agreed that it felt really good to share and receive the sentiments.

This week in the Torah we read the blessing, “May God bless you and protect you! May God deal kindly and graciously with you! May God bestow God’s favor upon you and grant you peace!” We are told in the Torah that God gave these words to Moses so that he could use them to bless the Israelites. This teaches us that we have the power to bless others, and even to offer blessing to ourselves. Because we are all created B’tzelem Elohim we are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect, by others, but most importantly by ourselves. Because we are all created B’tzelem Elohim we are all blessings.

With all the excitement here in Chardon, it’s no wonder we’ve had many people ask over the last week if it’s too late to register for camp. We do still have limited space available for second session. There are also several programs in August & September designed just for you and your families –Family Fun Day: August 18, Women’s Weekend: August 23-25, & Family Camp: August 30-September 1. For more information visit our website ( or call the CW office!

PS – We hope you’ve enjoyed the hundreds of pictures posted and the individual cabin photos available through CampIn Touch. Also, we hope you’ll follow Camp Wise through social media on Facebook: or Instagram: @campwise13164.

I look forward to sharing more highlights next week. Thank you for allowing us to spend part of our summer with your amazing campers!

Shabbat Shalom, Rachel




C1 had a fantastic few days at camp! Even with a bit of rain they were able to enjoy time at the lake for Jet Ski, horseback riding, and low ropes. During their low ropes activity they learned the importance of patience and good communication!


What a wonderful start to the summer. The cabin of C2 has already bonded as special group – while down at the beach for Jet Ski the campers got creative while sand castles. They have really enjoyed evening campfires, especially the first one of the summer!


C4 had a very special first night – bunk night – at camp. After choosing spot in the woods, they spent time getting to know each other and bonding over treats. One of their favorite activities this week was going to the Giant Swing where they got to fly like superman!


You wouldn’t believe that this is everyone’s first summer at Camp Wise! During our opening campfire, the cabin was so excited to be together and everyone had the brightest smiles on their faces. Ask us about the special bracelets we made during our opening bunk night!


It was a very busy first days of camp for C7. The cabin has already made tie dye t-shirts, went horseback riding, and grow stronger as a group on the low ropes course. The favorite activity was definitely tie dye and they can’t wait to wear their new shirts all summer long!


C8 had a chance to explore Israel this week. They showed their star power while figuring out an alien code during Israeli Culture – they learned about new ways of communication through funky colored wigs and kazoos! They’ve also been practicing medications and fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean!




This week O1 started a magical journey into the Land of Wisedom through the epic form of turn-based action-adventure storytelling! The cabin had the time of their lives pretending to be librarians and navigating a treacherous obstacle course.


What a busy week for O2! The campers selected their favorite camp activities during chug sign ups and seamlessly adjusted to the village of Ohalim by learning how to play “roofball” and playing a new camp game called “kamcha” with another cabin in the village!


One of O3’s favorite activities this week was drama where they played some awesome games got to know each other better as a cabin. In the cabin, there have been tons of dance parties and they’ve played lots of Monopoly Deal, the card game.


This week, the cabin of O5 was in the gazebo when we found a pamphlet that had all the native animals of Ohio. No, every day, we pick an animal to be our mascot! Did you know that a bluegill fish is a fish that is blue and has gills?


This week, O6 played a compliment battle where campers had to shout compliments at each other for as long as possible. Everyone was great at it and everyone won! They campers excelled in soccer and love making friendship bracelets all the time.


This week O7 had so much fun during team building games at low ropes. Laughing and smiling the entire time, the girls worked together to figure out how to find beanbags in the woods while blindfolded. It is so special to see how well the girls work together!


O8 loved getting to know each other during bunk night. They bonded over their shared “guilty pleasures” which included pimple popping videos, Peppa Pig, and Big Time Rush. Along with all of Ohalim, O8 has a new appreciation for sayings that have gone out of style and are working on incorporating “the cat’s pajamas” into their daily vocabulary!


All of the O9 campers have been getting along really well and working together amazingly. A special moment for the cabin was during the opening campfire on the first night. It was great to be able to spend time together as a cabin and with all of camp as well! At low ropes, the cabin worked together to accomplish difficult tasks like supporting each other on the shaky ladder.




N1 had a blast bonding with each other during their first night as a cabin, and learned to work together at the ropes course.


N2 have started off the session in full swing, they always let their voices be heard in the chadar at meals. They had a great time at basketball, everyone made hoops and was cheered on by their whole cabin!


N3 have started with making some delicious banana boats at outdoor cooking. They have also loved going up to work out at the gym in the mornings with their counselors.


N5 really enjoyed being outdoors at teva, and they all shined during Noar’s first village campfire.


N6 loved Survivor night in their first evening program, and during song session at lunch, the whole chadar could hear them.


N7 have had great opportunities for cabin bonding, with their night time chats. Everyone learnt to trust each other and master the tightrope at Low Ropes and have bonded with the whole village at campfires.


N8 are loving their first week at camp! They had a very active start to the summer, being the first cabin to try out lacrosse and had a great time at basketball.



In only their second full day at camp, Solel 2019 ventured to the capital city of Columbus! On Thursday afternoon, they took a special trip to world famous Graeter’s Ice Cream right before pushing their intellectual limits at the interactive COSI science center downtown. Then, they put on their chef’s hats as they had the opportunity to cook their own Stromboli dinners at the Glass Rooster Cannery farm. Before heading back to camp for Shabbat, today Solel went canoeing at the Hocking Hills State Park. They have had such an amazing trip; you can already feel them starting to bond into a cohesive group. They have been so spirited and adventurous. We cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the coming weeks!