Registration Opens SEPTEMBER 13th at 9:00am!

*SAVE $150 if you register by October 7

*SAVE $350 for each additional sibling after the first

Discounts cannot be combined, campers will receive the largest of the discounts for which they are eligible.

*JCC MEMBER RATES apply to any JCC member, or families who live more than 30 miles away from a JCC


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NAME                  DATES                                         ENTERING GRADES      JCC MEMBER      COMMUNITY
Rishon Aleph      June 14 – June 25 (12 days)      2 – 5                                    $2,500                   $2,900
Rishon Bet           June 29 – July 12 (14 days)       2 – 5                                     $2,950                   $3,400
Rishon Gimel      July 16 – July 30 (14 days)        2 – 5                                     $2,950                   $3400


TRIP I June 14 – July 12
Chalutzim     2 – 5                                   $5,600                  $6,400
Ohalim.          6 – 7                                   $5,600                  $6,400
Noar               8 – 9                                   $5,700                   $6,500
Solel               10                                       $6,500                   $7,500


TRIP II July 16 – August 6
Chalutzim     2 – 5                                   $4,700                 $5,400
Ohalim          6 – 7                                   $4,700                  $5,400
Noar               8 – 9                                   $4,800                 $5,500
Solel               10                                       $5,300                 $6,100


FULL SUMMER June 14 – August 6
Chalutzim     2 – 5                                   $9,400                  $10,800
Ohalim          6 – 7                                    $9,400                  $10,800
Noar               8 – 9                                   $9,600                  $11,000
Solel               10                                       $10,500                $12,000


NAME                                                    DATES                                         ENTERING GRADES    CAMP FEE
ILS – Israel Leadership Summer     June 16 – July 20 (tentative)     11                                        $9,500
SIT – Staff In Training                         June 11 – August 6                      12                                       $3,600


The Mandel JCC of Cleveland

The Mandel Jewish Community Center offers need-based scholarships to its members. Register for camp and indicate that you wish to be considered for a reduced fee. You will be mailed the necessary application forms which should be returned within 2 weeks.


Many synagogues offer scholarships to their congregants for Jewish overnight camp. Please contact your synagogue to inquire about the application process. These financial scholarships can often be combined with other grants.

JFSA Campership Program

Children ages 10-15 who do not attend Jewish Day School and are not members of a temple or synagogue may qualify for a FREE session of camp through the The Jewish Family Services Association of Cleveland’s Campership program. This is a program for those who’s houshold income is low in comparison to family size. Multiple siblings may be eligible. For more information please contact Lorna at lchernomorets@jfsa-cleveland.org .


The One Happy Camper Grant

One Happy Camper was created to help ensure that Jewish children have an opportunity to experience the magic of overnight camping. This grant offers need-blind incentive grants of up to $1000 to first time campers who are entering 2nd grade or higher and are enrolled in a full session program. If you are registered for Rishon (mini session), the grant will give you up to $700.  These grants are available in many cities. To learn if your child qualifies visit www.onehappycamper.org.

PJ Goes to Camp

PJ Goes to Camp is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, provides camper incentive grants of $1000 to alumni and siblings of alumni of the PJ Library program who may not be eligible for the One Happy Camper grant. To learn more visit www.pjlibrary.org

Gift of Israel

Gift of Israel is a program for teens who want to go on an Israel education experience including our Camp Wise teen Israel program. The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland administers this program which is a partnership between parents, congregations (if applicable) and the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. The program offers a savings incentive plan to help Jewish families save for an Israel learning experience. Get started early! Contact your religious school office or the Jewish Education Center at agiftofisrael@jecc.org.