Camp In The Classroom

The memories spent basking in summer’s heat, laughing with my friends, exploring my creativity, and growing as a young adult continued to impact me long after singing “Leaving on A JCC Bus” during CW night. Those precious moments as a camper at my home away from home have left a deep imprint on who I am today.

Alumni Shabbat Dinners, Vol. 1: Bringing CW to our home

The first time I truly understood the impact of a large Jewish community across the country was when I attended Camp Wise. As someone who was lucky enough to attend camp from ages 12 – 21, I attribute most of my positive attributes and self-confidence to Camp Wise. While my wife and I have shared many of our life experiences together, we did not grow up at camp together. CW remains the one thing I feel I am not able to properly describe to her, especially in regards to its lifelong impact on me…

Our Past Paves The Way To Our Future – Reflections from CW Alumni

The camp we love is a product of everyone who has left their mark since 1907, and the traditions we cherish are deeply rooted in camp’s history. Lasting contributions and legacies have paved the way to the camp we know today, and they are the reason that Camp Wise continues to play a role in each of our lives. Camp Wise is a place unlike any other…

Words from the Wise

We jumped down sand dunes, rode camels, stayed in Bedouin tents, hiked up Masada, visited the legendary Dead Sea, saw the Old City in Jerusalem, snorkeled in the Red Sea, chilled with Israeli host families, had nights out in the city, visited crazy Israeli markets, had Shabbat and Spirit Circle in the desert, and ate falafel that made us cry because it was so good.

The Meaning of Camp: A Staff Perspective

Each day, I am able to foster a cabin and larger community in which I get to see people fall in love with something I love so much (camp!). While the magic of Camp Wise is hard to make tangible, it surely exists and everyone who drives through the gates will soon feel it too.

Our Family’s Home of Happiness

The impact that camp has had on Liza is beyond words. She is trying new things without much fear. Her confidence has grown. My quiet, keep-to-herself, beats-to-her-own-drum daughter is now a JV Basketball cheerleader for her high school. I still do not believe my eyes when I watch her cheer.
I cannot help but thank Camp Wise for the transformation that Liza has made. She is ready for her Solel experience and cannot wait to see what the summer will bring.

Teach Your Children Well

Only a few months into my son’s first year of preschool, I heard him singing at the table as he ate his snack. It didn’t surprise me, my kid LOVES to sing (thank you, musician husband). It also didn’t surprise me that, at first, I couldn’t quite place (read: understand) what he was singing; he wasn’t even 2 years old at the time. But as I made my way back to the table, what I thought was just gibberish became clearer to me.

Check Out Our Winter Programs

This is just about the time of year when we are all missing those warm summer days at camp, but there’s no need to fear! With the cold and snowy weather, it is the perfect opportunity to participate in our Winter Weekend programs at Camp Wise. These programs are for current camp families with campers in grades 5-8, and for any age-eligible children that are interested in coming to Camp Wise for the first time this summer!

In The Words of our Campers…

When you’re at Camp Wise, you’re ALWAYS happy! I think that’s because you’re always doing something you love at camp. Even though sometimes people get homesick, the AMAZING counselors always help you feel good.

Get The Scoop on Wise

We are excited for Summer 2017 Registration to open on Tuesday, September 13th for all campers! Help us celebrate and join the Camp Wise Team in Columbus (Sept. 11) and Cleveland (Sept. 12) for a sweet treat. This is also a great opportunity to meet our Camp Director, Rachel Felber and get a preview of Summer 2017.