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A Day At Camp

What’s a typical day like at Camp Wise? Here’s a sample schedule to give you a taste of camp life!


7:15 AM Boker Tov! (Wake up!)
7:45 AM Village Gathering
  Campers gather in their villages for announcements and songs and travel as a group to breakfast.
8:00 AM Breakfast
  We offer three balanced, nutritious kosher meals each day with alternative vegetarian options, a salad bar, and soy nut butter and jelly always available.
8:45 AM Cabin Clean-up
9:15 AM Period 1

Cabin Activity

Cabin activities can include our low ropes course, banana-boating, Israeli culture, horseback riding, special projects and programs, and preparation for leading services. Full-session campers will visit every program area at least once with their cabin group as a cabin activity.

  Ohalim Instructional Swim
  Noar Cabin Activity
10:30 AM Period 2
  Chalutzim Instructional Swim
  Ohalim Cabin Activity
  Noar Cabin Activity
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Rest Hour
  This scheduled break in the day allows for rest, reading, letter writing, receiving mail, and canteen.
2:00 PM Period 3
  Chalutzim Free Swim or Lake

Chugim (camper elective)

All campers sign up for their chugim at the beginning of the session, and alternate activities every other day.

  Noar Chugim (camper elective)
3:00 PM Period 4
  Chalutzim Chugim (camper elective)
  Ohalim Free Swim
  Noar Chugim (camper elective)
4:00 PM Period 5
  Chalutzim Chugim (camper elective)
  Ohalim Chugim (camper elective)
  Noar Free Swim
5:00 PM Chofesh (free time)
  Chofesh is a time to try something new, or visit a favorite activity. All program areas are open during this hour, and campers can choose a different destination every day.
6:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Evening Program and Snack
  Evening programs are always creative, fun, and interactive! Capture the Flag, Game Shows, Beach Parties and Talent Shows are just a few of the exciting things to expect!
9:15 PM Cabin Time and Lights Out
  (Ranges from 9:15 to 10 depending on the village)
Bedtime stories, sharing things about our day, and stargazing are a few special bedtime activities kids love at Camp Wise. (OK, and the occasional cabin raid or prank too!)
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