“A Message from our Village Programmers!” Summer 2015 / Volume 2 Issue 7

What an awesome session of evening programs it’s been! We’ve all had so much fun with our villages and we can’t believe first session is coming to a close. There have been so many great programs, but here are some of the highlights from the session so far!

Chalutzim has had a truly amazing few weeks of evening programs; the kids have jumped into a bunch of fun and wacky activities every single evening! We’ve had so much fun time traveling through the ages, taking a messy tour around Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, bonding with Solel buddies over a New Year’s Eve pool party and spending an evening at the Chalutzim circus, to name just a few. The excitement and cheers in the Chadar every evening when they find out what the evening program will be has been electric and it’s been awesome to see their excitement during the programs. Just like the kids, we can’t wait for the rest of the session and all the fun activities yet to come!

Ohalim has had so much fun this session! From traveling through time in a decades-themed battle of the bands to an awesome Squid vs. Whale themed night at the lake to pranking Noar by putting sporks all over their village, Ohalim has had a blast!  Campers have especially enjoyed “Who Killed the Gorilla?” themed Crazy Go Nuts, and just last night the campers participated in a Rainbow Rave. We got covered in paint and had an awesome rave dance party behind the stage.  Both the boys and girls have taken part in very meaningful gender separate programs where they learned what it means to be unique individuals in a larger camp community.  We are looking forward to spending the remaining days together!

Noar started out the session with Superheroes vs. Supervillian night where cabins competed to create the best super-being.  Noar also enjoyed Casino Night, where campers earned money throughout the day to use that night at their “Night in Vegas.” Noar 8th grade campers participated in Matt Krantz’s Bar Mitzvah while the Noar 9th grade campers prepared for High School with Noar’s Declassified School Survival Guide.  By participating in these separate programs, Noar has truly had the opportunity to bond as a grade.  Additionally, Noar has bonded as an overall village by holding nightly campfires to close out the night, which helped to remind them that they are part of a unified village.  Recently, Noar relived their preschool days in a “Toddler Daycare” themed night where they were finally allowed to be messy and silly again.  We really enjoyed the trips to OU Outdoors and to West Virginia and we are sad that first session is coming to a close.

While it may seem that Solel is always gone from camp, we have actually had plenty of time to bond and program here at the “home of happiness.”  We started out the session with a “Greek Life” themed night, where campers were initiated into the village of Solel.  Following this, Solel was given the opportunity to take on a leadership role by receiving Chalutzim Buddies, or younger campers that they mentor and bond with.  Later on in the session, Solel spoke about important and pressing hot topics such as politics, inclusivity and more.  One of Solel’s favorite programs this session has been “Nightmare on the Solel Deck,” where we converted the Chadar into a haunted house and closed the night with a spooky campfire filled with ghost stories.  Through these programs, as well as our various trips, Solel has truly come together as one village and we will be so sad to see them leave.  However, we can’t wait to see them all back next year as SITs!

Overall, it has been a fantastic session filled with so many fun programs, despite all of the rain!

-Love your Village Programmers – Jake, Karl, Sydney, Richard, Julia, and Bex