First Time Family Tours

For new currently enrolled campers

Register for one of our first time family tours! Meet our leadership team, some of our summer staff, and take a tour of our facilities! Registration is required so please click the link below


Sunday, May 9

Sunday, May 16

Town Hall

For currently enrolled families

Continue to learn more about our plans to keep everyone safe and healthy this summer and join us for a Town Hall! Link will be sent out via email


Monday, April 5 at 7PM

Thursday, May 6 at 7PM

Community Shabbat

For current families and alumni

Join the CW community as we welcome in Shabbat together. Led by CW Rabbi and Jewish Educator, Rabbi Shana, we will be joined by some of our 2021 hired summer staff! Link will be sent out via email


Friday, March 26 at 5:30PM

Friday, April 23 at 5:30PM

Friday, May 14 at 5:30PM

Why We Gave


This summer, our hearts broke with the news that campers would not be able to experience The Home of Happiness. It was hard for us to even imagine being current campers excitedly gearing up for a summer at CW and hearing this news. We reached out to one another and agreed we would go to pretty much any length to see camp open in Summer 2021—to give campers the opportunity to return to their paradise at 13164. Throughout our time at Wise, we learned so much about the importance of camp, Jewish identity, and community. Camp has given us so much, so it only seemed right to give back, together. We hope, that with our collective donation, and the generosity of fellow Camp Wisers, we will help secure the future for Camp Wise.

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Camp Wise offers an incredibly diverse range of programs that meet the desires of every camper.  From tubing and kayaking on our private lake, to learning to play guitar or creating your own podcast, to riding a horse or shooting a basketball kids are able to do the activities they know they love, and try things they never pictured themselves doing.

Read more about all of our exciting activities on our Activities page.

Camp Life

At Camp Wise, we understand that children of diverse age groups are at varying developmental stages and have different needs while at camp. Unlike many camps who then organize their cabins on a girls side and a boys side we intentionally group our cabins in distinct age-group “villages”.

Read more about villages and see a day in the life of a CW camper on our Camp Life page.


Camp Wise provides a friendly, supportive, and cooperative atmosphere that fosters individual growth at each camper’s own pace. Campers are encouraged to learn new skills and master old ones, to make decisions, to take responsibility, to be expressive, to live with others, and to have fun. Complemented by our Jewish environment, campers develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jewish heritage and traditions while also developing a true sense of community.  Camp Wise is committed to making sure that every camper leaves with a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence; and with memories that will last a lifetime.

Read about our values on the About CW page