Welcome! We are honored that you are considering Camp Wise for your child’s summer home away from home. Please take a look around our website, read our blog or give us a call and let us show you why our community lovingly calls Camp Wise, the “home of happiness.”

When you choose to send your child to Camp Wise you’ll be giving them a gift that will stay with them forever. Since 1907, Camp Wise has helped campers build confidence, independence and self-esteem while becoming part of a welcoming and inclusive Jewish environment. At camp, they will discover what it means to be Jewish on their own terms. They will make lifelong friends. They will immerse in nature and develop a comfort with being outdoors and a values-based concern for our environment. We’ll encourage them to try new activities and give them the skills they need to navigate social connections and teamwork. They’ll learn how to face challenges and overcome them in a safe and supportive space. We’ll model for them what it means to be a proud, engaged Jew and they’ll learn how to be a true mensch.

We look forward to being in touch, showing you around our beautiful campsite and welcoming you to Camp Wise this summer.


Rabbi Dan Utley, MAJE

Director of Mandel JCC’s Camp Wise


Camp Wise offers an incredibly diverse range of programs that meet the desires of every camper.  From tubing and kayaking on our private lake, to learning to play guitar or creating your own podcast, to riding a horse or shooting a basketball kids are able to do the activities they know they love, and try things they never pictured themselves doing.  Learn More

Camp Wise in August

Youth shouldn’t be the only ones who get to experience the wonders of Camp Wise. We offer three weekends in August for youth and adults alike!

Camp Life

At Camp Wise, we understand that children of diverse age groups are at varying developmental stages and have different needs while at camp. Unlike many camps who then organize their cabins on a girls side and a boys side we intentionally group our cabins in distinct age-group “villages”.

Read more about villages and see a day in the life of a CW camper on our Camp Life page.


Camp Wise provides a friendly, supportive, and cooperative atmosphere that fosters individual growth at each camper’s own pace. Campers are encouraged to learn new skills and master old ones, to make decisions, to take responsibility, to be expressive, to live with others, and to have fun. Complemented by our Jewish environment, campers develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Jewish heritage and traditions while also developing a true sense of community.  Camp Wise is committed to making sure that every camper leaves with a greater sense of self-esteem and self-confidence; and with memories that will last a lifetime.